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what a bloody series of shot. but i love the rawness factor, it looks and feel real. the fourth shot was nicely captured.


Though very serious, couldn't help but smile at Navin's comment...very gruesome!


Oh my goodness, Sidney. Very very powerful photos. Did you faint at all when shooting these? :)

Wim van der Meij

You made fine photos of a alarming and macabre custom.
(Hope you are fine!?)


Bloody, just like your other flagellant series in the past, Sidney.

Why do people keep ignoring what you've said earlier that the Vatican now discredits flagellation?

Anyway, if there's one thing the local Church (clergy and the lay people, meaning, every Roman Catholic Filipino) have failed is that of educating their fellow brethren on the correct doctrines. Rather than criticize, why not teach the ignorant?


oh my...
this series is awesome...
first of the subject and the process of the whole thing...
brilliant...and look as if is right in front of me....

nicely capture...but this is really extreme

Ashish Sidapara

ouch, that must hurt.


bloody stunning series! I'll stick with the sex and alchohol


Really bloody hell. Urk.

Once again, eye-opening and interesting pictures! Great pictures, Sid.


I admire your photographic drive to attempt this kind of shocking documentary photography. Excellent coverage of a religious practice. Very well presented.

Gérard Méry

çà saigne je me sauve ! un beau rouge sang quand même


OMG! I'm fainting. Help! :)


oh oh tu te lances dans le gore toi aussi!!


Such stunning work - just when i think Sidney can't get better, then along he comes with an even stronger series!!


Now this is taking blogging to a higher level ... These are very impressive shots ... very graphic! Kudos Sidney Brilliant reporting!


Wow! Very hard hitting photos.


Ah! My suggestion the other day was wrong - this is the real mccoy!! It does make me feel a little queasy though Sidney!!


Hi Sidney! Tú has visto el link que te adjunté en el anterior comentario? Pues bien, tus imágenes no tienen nada que ver con aquello. Son unas imágenes impactantes que muestran la dureza de esta tradicion !!

Hi Sidney! You have seen the Link that I enclosed to you in the previous commentary? Then, your images do not have anything to do with that. They are impressive images that show the hardness of this tradition!


How long does it take for their backs to heal?

It is bloody, but I guess that's a form for them to purify their sins.


It does make me cringe. But these are deep-rooted beliefs tied to our culture and spirituality.

navin harish

This is not something I approve. I don't think god would want anyone to go through this to connect with him/her.


great capture ! very impressive shot !


Very graphic shots! A wonderful capture of culture! The things people do at times!


Glurp..., ils ont une curieuse manière d'aimer la vie, les flagellants !
Excellent reportage !


ouchhh.... wew.. so bloody.. wew. breathe in breathe out. too much blood.

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